20140127-205238.jpgSunday but a different Sunday, the Sunday of a long weekend. I had wanted to take a road trip out of town with the extra day, to see a dear friend in the country who is very pregnant and very lovely. But after a month in Adelaide, and barely home a week, I just needed some time to myself. It was nice to be home, and to make my home nice. I re-painted a favourite chair, re-potted a new plant (above) and tended to some older ones, tie-dyed some old pillowslips and undies a bold orange, picked up my first batch of five pictures from the framers (more of that to come, but a peak here), finally got around to buying and building some drawers for the cupboard under the stairs so our sheets are not folded in bags on the floor, and just generally nested. I'm talking old jeans, scented candles, singing to Gillian Welch, two pots of coffee later kind of nesting.

In particular Sunday was a new pot for my coral cactus, a plant that Tola finds kind of scary, and I find strangely beautiful. I didn't want anything too bright or glossy, just natural and a dull finish, which is just what I happened to find.

PS Oh, and I also made these on Sunday, but they are so damn good they have a whole post of their own coming up.