20140123-230845.jpg Writing this post I noticed that I'm at 52 weeks - that being a year, a whole year of Sundays.

And this feels like a nice way to round off the year. It was my first Sunday home and my first night back in the kitchen, cooking my little heart out (with a glass of red, obviously). I listened to Chatham County Line and made an early dinner. I'd had a day at the beach, a cold morning swim and a lovely brekky at Porch and Parlour (a new fave) and was contented with some at-home time before the week and the year kicked off properly. I like that you can see the jasmine in the window, doing so well since my last-minute rescue and re-pot back in November.

I've been all over the place this past year, since my first post. Nice and a bit wondrous to think about where the next year will take me. I have decided I'll continue documenting it here - it inspires me and helps me keep my eyes open to the good.