20140119-213305.jpg Being home in Adelaide has felt good. Not just because of Christmas (and getting to eat lots of cherries), but because it is home. It always feels like such a comfort - my parents' house has the most amazing shower in the world and my mother irons crisp white sheets for my bed. I am spoilt. It's been lovely having a good couple of weeks here, too. It can so often be busy and I spend my time running between dates with friends and hardly get to sit down.

Today has been a slow Sunday. It has been, out of nowhere, pouring with rain and kind of cold in the Adelaide Hills. Which I actually don't mind at all. I had a wonderful lunch with a favourite old friend at the pub. We ate burgers and drank amber ale and talked about how awful 2013 was and how wonderful 2014 was going to be (case in point - she's writing about all the good stuff, which I think is a brilliant idea). And this afternoon I have had time to relax on the couch with my mother, watch a film, fold some washing, and I plan on listening to music and making dinner with my dad real soon.

My friend Amanda is staying at mine in Sydney for a bit, keeping Tola company and helping kill spiders while I'm gone. She sent me this lovely picture of my room today and I think she got the light just right (she's a photographer, after all). It feels odd that I'm homesick for Sydney, but so happy being home in Adelaide at the same time…