GRAPEFRUITOh gosh. My good friend Jesse has put together a pretty special drink over on DESIGNLOVEFEST today.

This guy is not only an amazing photographer, but one of the best chefs I know. And he makes a mean drink. I spent last October swooning over his homemade hibiscus cider in the LA sunshine. And the Christmas before, took his detailed instructions for a gin, mint and cucmber drink for my family Christmas. I'll be home in Adelaide again this year (hurrah), and think this delicious grapefruit number might be just right for a late afternoon festive drink by the pool , before all the madness of our seafood feast happens.

I love that he pulled out all the stops for this one, these sweet gold-rimmed vintage champagne glasses and the soft kicks of light on the shaker - beautiful work Jesse!

* Picture by Jesse F Narducci for DESIGNLOVEFEST.