20131216-222236.jpgToday was mostly a day of cleaning. My house was in need of a little love - sometimes things just fall behind - so I opened up all the windows to the rainy morning, made a pot of tea, dug out an old favourite and scrubbed and cleaned away a good couple of hours. I love our house, and our street. One of the things I love about the street is the mix. The mix of old terraces, the leafy park, the big red warehouse space that I dream of one day converting, and the back of this industrial building - grey and plain and always easy to park by, and out of nowhere a juicy watermelon right in front. I love whoever painted this, it brightens my day every time, but especially on overcast, muggy, stormy days like todayโ€ฆ

* Note the mauve-y hydrangea just in sight, there - so glad it made the frameโ€ฆ