DHI've been all about The Moth podcasts this last week. In case you're not familiar, The Moth is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling - pretty much just my cup of tea, really.

It's always good but these last few days have been just wonderful. In particular:

* R2 Where Are You by Tig Notaro - I'm kind of in love with Tig Notaro, and her voice (which is funny if you happen to know this piece). Well, not just her voice but her tone, her dry style, her slow but warm humour. This is a more personal piece by her and I laughed and cried all the way from the yoga studio home last Tuesday and it was amazing.

* Stars, Rockets and Moons by Steve Zimmer is just the kind of sharp, brilliant bit of storytelling and memory you want in a ten minute podcast. It is a perfectly formed look at childhood, education and expectations. And it has a closing line like a home run.

* And last but, oh, not least is A Perfect Circle by Carly Johnstone. This one didn't make me cry so much as sob, outwardly, on the bus this morning. I got off two stops early and walked to work through the park just to pull myself together. This woman is not only an intelligent and beautifully spoken storyteller, but she is stronger than most of us know how. She pulls together the pieces of her life, the scary parts and the sad parts and the spectacular parts, with integrity and grace. I think I was more moved by this than nearly anything I've heard. The descriptions of family she comes to at the end are everything.

{A little David Hockney for you}