20131210-205341.jpgIt's hard to know what to capture when you're surrounded by so much good stuff. Like your average 15 year old, it seems I opted for my feet. Wandering around the Design Files Open House on Sunday was kind of like living in a dream. Except that I was awake in the dream and there were a whole lot of other people in what would have felt like my house. And it wasn't only the beautifully selected and executed interior details from Lucy and her team, or the range of lovely original art singing from the walls, but the house itself. The warehouse location in the backstreets of Surry Hills was a quiet little piece of heaven, if you ask me. Bright, open, full of weathered detail and industrial charm, and just enough sensible finishes to keep you smiling day in and day out. It was especially nice to see Petaluma and Country Road, two companies I have worked for and am loyal to, being part of this showcase of Australian design.