J1Keeping it light over here, while I get through the next couple of weeks. Things feel too busy - like Joy said in her beautiful post (with the help of Bukowski), the days run away. My 'to-do' list is currently seven miles long but I've decided not to worry about it. I've decided, because I can, to just do the damn things and be happy about it instead of putting them off and stressing (as is often my habit). So while I go ahead and wrap presents, run to the post office, call my bank, email my estate agent (again), sign-off on a whole pile of edits at work that I forgot about, and so on, I'll leave you with this sweet and just-right for how I'd like my summer to look sample of clothes from Brooklyn shop JOINERY. They have put together a pretty flawless bit of something if you ask me.*J3J2J5

*For the record, if you did ask me you'd find I wasn't looking much like this at all. You'd find I was sitting in bed in a very old and stretched grey tshirt, with messy hair and half a cup of French press coffee to finish before I have to get out and on with my day…

If you're interested: floral shorts, denim tunic, pale shorts and grey dress.