WPSometimes I think the internet can get a little too glossy. Too many neat houses on Pinterest and just-right filters on my Instagram doesn't make for much of a reality. In an effort to keep things REAL over here, I thought I'd post a few things you might not know. A few things I might not normally admit to:

* I only started flossing my teeth on a regular basis a few years ago. Before that I was weekly or monthly at best, which sounds awful but probably wasn't the end of the world. I mean, I have always brushed morning, noon and night. But you'll be pleased to know that the flossing is now a big part of my day, everyday. Your teeth are your friends, afterall. * Sometimes when I'm emptying the fridge and the yoghurt has gone off and has to be thrown out, I get lazy and don't rinse and recycle the container. I just throw the whole dang thing in the bin and feel mid-level guilt for the rest of the day. * I have a pretty serious crush on Greg Kinnear. I don't know why. I can't explain it. He just seems really nice. I especially like when he wears glasses. This film was kind of a big deal for me. * I fall asleep on buses and trains all the time. Have been doing so for years. I'm out like a light in moments and nod my head from side to side with the motion but I never miss my stop. * I haven't read Little Dorrit. I wrote a paper on it when I started my Masters and I usually quite like Dickens, but I was busy at work and got distracted by friends and beers and only managed to get through about half. So I bought an expensive BBC adaptation from Dymocks at the last minute instead. I made notes and googled the quote references and searched through the rest of the book for page numbers and, from memory, just managed a Distinction.

{sweet image by Winny Pepping}