20131110-220845.jpgI was thinking today about how this year has got away from me a bit. How I am finding myself, in November, behind on all my intentions and goals. One of the small things I had written down back in February, when I was hatching plans for the year ahead, was to make more time to read books. An easy measure I know, but I have spent almost seven years at university in my time, reading and critiquing and writing about books, so maybe it's natural that in this last year or so I have slowed down. That or I've been too busy watching Friday Night Lights and Big Love. I don't know, but I have certainly missed it. I usually read through one thing or another, but find I am distracted, vague, slow, and often feel like I'm just going through the motions. So today, between cups of tea and half a block of ginger, walnut, chocolate-chip blondies, I just sat and read. I'm halfway through a good book, done with yesterday's paper, caught up on my new favourite craft bible (more on that this week) and feeling wholly immersed and happy about it. I managed to get dressed and get out into the grey and wet afternoon to walk to a yoga class with Addy at about 2 PM, talking about my idea to make changes as we took in the cold, fresh air and the smell of the rain. The Sunday afternoon class at my studio is lead by Persia, and is always one to make time for. Her classes are the most challenging, the most rewarding, the most enlightening and the sweetest most humbling, laugh out loud, deep-breath-of-life kind of thing you could hope for. So when she said to us as we settled in that she wanted to talk about intentions, that this time of year often prompted her to think about her goals and where she was in life, and she wanted us to take some inversions and breathing exercises to help us get back to our focus, I smiled at Addy and and had a moment of just right, of things falling together so beautifully. Then I went ahead and sweated through 90 minutes of amazing power vinyasa and walked home under these dark storm clouds, feeling lighter than I have in weeks.