20131103-173705.jpgThe biggest decision for me today has probably been whether to have tea or coffee. A big pot of tea Early Grey or a French press of whichever fair trade grind was on special last week. It's been that kind of 'tough day'. In the end I opted for the pot of tea and drank two cups in bed while watching a little Downton Abby ,sometime before 9 (BBC-like costume dramas kind of make my Sunday). I mean, to be fair, I made several other decisions, but this was the one that weighed most heavily on my sleepy mind. After all that tea it was easy to pick a lovely deep, earthy orange tin of paint at Bunnings later in the morning (repainting an old dining chair - cream, with a dip of colour and the base), and a large black glossy pot to re-home the small jasmine I bought a few weeks ago that has been bursting out of it's plastic container under the shade of the clothesline. I managed to re-pot her, and put up some wire-like lattice to give her a little room just outside the kitchen window. That and a new terracotta for my booming rosemary (a housewarming gift, thanks very much Daniels family) and the day was done and done nicely at that.