APPLEOne of the things that I like to do, and do often, is bake. It calms me and gives me an hour or two to myself to listen to music, listen to stories, or listen to my thoughts as they jump all over the place, my arms dusty with flour and a terrible tendency to use all the bowls and far too many spoons to pull together a plain old cake or pie. Spending my lunch hour today longing for the best ever apple and walnut biscuits, the blueberry crumble I've made 100 times, the strawberry cake that changed my life or near anything with ginger was probably not a very good use of my time. I haven't had a chance to bake since a pavlova for a friend's picnic two weeks ago, so hoping I find some time this week. Those are favourites I come back to often, and for good reason, though it might be nice to try something different. I have a Pinterest board that I use to keep track of all the sweet things that take my fancy.

I'm thinking the Sprouted Kitchen Hearty Apple Loaf (above) might be on the cards. I love Sara and Hugh's recipes, so have high hopes. I also found two new sites via a special looking raspberry and walnut tart with cacao nibs, and some very more-ish caramel banana bread.RASPBERRYCARAMEL