STEVENSo the thing is, I haven't really unpacked. I mean, the kitchen is done, some of my books are away, but my room is not much more than my bed, an old hanging rack (which I dislike immensely) and three boxes - three boxes piled high with clothes. Some of them are folded, most of them not. It's a sad state of affairs, not one I'm proud of. I really need to set aside some time to nest a bit, to buy some actual furniture and make my room my own. So you can imagine the joy of getting dressed in the mornings. Not finding anything you want, finding things you forgot about in crumpled heaps, and feeling unsinpired by all the in-between. This coming weekend will be one of tidying, folding, sorting and ironing myself back into normailty I think. Back into the kind of Steven Alan charm you see here (or close enough, anyway).