CLOUDYIt is probably about time, but after seven years in Sydney, most of them on buses and trains and walking for days, I finally grew up and got myself a car. Feeling pretty good about the whole thing, really. Or, I was until I spent an hour on the phone researching insurance and green slips and blue slips and registration and yes, it was as tedious as it sounds. But then today, after yoga (because at the moment everything is defined in relation to yoga - before class or after class or on my way to class), driving over to visit some friends on the other side of town we had a run of a few amazing songs on the radio and I remembered why it is I love driving so much. As if heading over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in glorious sun with your bestie beside you wasn't enough, we sang along to a whole swathe of 80s and 90s pop songs and power ballads, the kinds of songs you don't own and wouldn't put on, but know every dang word to when they come on the radio. The songs that have you tapping your hand on the steering wheel and catching glimpses of yourself laughing to in the rear-mirror.

I have a feeling it is going to be just that kind of summer.

* Picture from la neige invite le silence