20131003-181756.jpgLate again with my Sunday post. These days and weeks are flying past - I can't believe it is October already, for goodness sake.

I managed to spend a lovely spring day here, as you can see. Sunny and a good bit of sitting and cake-ing. After a bike ride and some yoga I spent the afternoon in my cousin's backyard to celebrate her baby shower. Another beautiful small on the way for our family and I laughed and ate for hours, alongside my cousins, aunties and my grandmother. I brought along an orange and yoghurt cake I made (based on Joy's pound cake) which got a big thumbs up from all involved.

As did the delicious Jamie Oliver smoked haddock, prawn and corn chowder I made later that night for a few friends back at my house. We drank light red wine and ate soft, seeded sourdough with it and I have to say, it rounded out the week very nicely.