20130923-082241.jpgI'm up early to share this post, having dropped my old dad at the airport for his morning flight home to Adelaide. He spent the weekend here in Sydney and I tell you, it couldn't have been nicer. And not just because he fixed my bike, borrowed the neighbour's ladder to change all our light globes and helped adjust the rickety old clothesline in our yard. I'm lucky enough to have a dad who is the kindest and most gentle of men, and we had two days of sun and talk.

We spent Sunday visiting with his mother, my grandmother, and one of his sisters. It was lovely, but not as lovely as an early dinner just the two of us at one of my Sydney favourites, the always amazing Hart's Yard. We started with chardonnay (me) and local pale ale (him), some smoky-grilled broad beans with almond and lemony garlic, and followed with some of the best octopus of my life with crispy potato, a side of lamb ribs and some Spanish grenache. We laughed and sang along to Wings, Briuce Springsteen and Hall and Oates (a brilliant playlist for a restaurant, it was) and when we got home, had time for a a taste of the Brokenwood Tawny Port I gifted him for father's day. It wasn't a late one, but it was nice to have time to sit and discuss the Joni interview. We talked about Patsy Cline's superb voice and the Miles Davis biography they're filming, and about Jaco Pastorius and Duke Ellington and Paul Kelly, because between us we're a fairly eclectic bunch.