SHACK Don't mind that it isn't quite October, because I'm pleased to tell you I know where I'll be in January. And speaking to my bestie Ehren about the trip tonight got me pretty excited.

Ehren, his partner Sophie, their two daughters Lola and Coco, my sister Kate, her hubby Nick and their two daughters Harriet and Daisy and I will all be staying in Marion Bay for a week or so in the new year and I couldn't be happier. Marion Bay is the last town on the coast before Innes. And Innes is the national park that makes up the bottom-most part of Yorke Peninsula, or Yorke's, as we folks from South Australia call it. It's a pretty stunning and dramatic climb of land between the gulfs that sees the swell of the Southern Ocean and, in January, a whole lot of sun.We all rented a beach shack together down south a few years ago and I remember slow mornings, bike rides along to the bluff, salty afternoon swims and games on the beach, fish and chips, cold beers on the porch at sunset and lots of reading.

This location is even more amazing and I can't wait to spend the week unwinding together. Living so far away, I barely get the time to catch up with my favourites properly, just phone calls and quick dinners when I'm in town. This will be days on end of unwashed hair, pots of coffee, cooking together and doing the crossword, of napping and quiet and laughing into the night.

* Image via Flickr, and just right for that beachy long-summer feeling I'm so looking forward to, I think...