CV 1I suppose it's pretty obvious to you that I'm nosy. That I love taking peaks inside other people's homes. Especially when they're creative people or terribly well dressed people (or in this case, both). One of my favourites is the beautifully curated Closet Visit by LA photographer Jeana Sohn. It's a little like the home tours in trashy magazines, where celebrities wear different clothes in every room in their house, but oh, so much better. It feels more casual, and the clothes are certainly more original. There's always a beautiful mix of vintage and classic and designer in a way that feels distinctive and personal to each of the subjects. It always inspires me to try different things, and think through my own pile of clothes and jewels with a new idea in mind.CV 2CV3CV 4CV 6CV 5

* All images from Closet Visit, with Crystal Meers (1 + 2), Allison Miller (3 + 4) and Sophie Buhal (5 + 6).