BENAH_1Oh goodness, this one got me good. I fell hard. I mean, I have to say, I'm probably not very fashion-y, not usually too worried about designers or trends. I just like what I like and have a nice little time browsing around, but two names that I do know, and LOVE, and happily spend a little money on when I have it, are Karen Walker and Benah (so much so I just treated myself to this one in red suede). So you can imagine how damn amazed I was by this collaboration at New York Fashion Week. I love the colour and print and fit of the clothes, I love the colour and texture and shape of the bags. I love it all. I especially love how nice it is to see models smiling and wearing comfortable shoes (and oh, I love the shoes). This is just the kind of head-to-toe brilliance I'd like to dress myself up in from here on out thanks very much. BENAH_2BENAH_3BENAH_4* All images from Benah