20130901-222650.jpgToday has been long. I thank the gloriously strong chai latte I had in Surry Hills just after eight for keeping me going. After packing and cleaning and then unpacking yesterday, a day I didn't happen to have hot water at my new house, I seemed to wake up tired. But I had a car and till 4 PM to do all the things one needs to when one moves house, so off I was. Ikea, Target, the supermarket, Mitchell Rd Auction House, and one last run from my old place to get all my pot plants and garden things.

But then, at about five,I paused and had a moment to notice the light pouring into my new room all golden and soft. Then was when I remembered the nice part about moving, the bits that make it home. Hanging these beauties will be a task, a mix of Laura Wills, Christopher Cooper, Andrea from Hula Seventy and Egon Schiele, amongst others, but one I look forward to. I think I'll wait a week or so, though, wait to see how things fall into place and where they might best suit this new, fresh, white space of mine.