PENNYWEIGHTThe truth of it is I'm knee deep in packing boxes and covered in dust. I'm moving house and just to keep things interesting, thought three days would be enough time to box up my life. My nail polish is chipped, my hair is a mess and I'm wearing some questionably old grey track pants having packed most of my clothes in a mad panic the first night in. I messaged my sister about it this morning: 'I'm not saying I've packed ALL my clothes, I'm just saying that if I turn up to work tomorrow in a bridesmaid's dress people are just going to have to deal'. While I work at pulling myself together, please forgive the quiet here, and maybe keep your eye out for a lovely tallboy for me? Something like this one, as featured in Pennyweight's beautifully executed Nashville home (via DesignSponge) if you would.