20130826-205606.jpg Two bursting with inspiration finds for me this week - Wilder Quarterly and BIG (Kids Magazine),

I bought them both over at Koskela, where it is so nice to see a range of small journals like this taking pride of place. Wilder Quarterly is one I've come across before, in the States, and was enamoured by. My mother is a prolific gardener, a natural who lists off the Latin names for things and knows each plant at a glance like it was nothing. I keep hoping her skills and patience will rub off on me, and much as I try and love the idea of my very own garden, it's just a few pots of lavender and a climbing rose to my name these days. But I feel like sweet little reads like this are a fair place to start. Wilder has plant profiles, seasonal to-do lists, a beautifully photographed story on desert blooms and a spring focus on asparagus, amongst other things.20130826-205623.jpg

BIG (Kids Magazine) was one I bought as a gift for my sister, and immediately and desperately wanted for myself too. It's an amazing find, an 'Australian contemporary arts publication that features the work of children and artists side by side'. And the best part? BIG stands for BRAVERY, IMAGINATION AND GENEROSITY! All the things we wish upon our smalls, all the things that are important to becoming an amazing and important part of this world and so wonderfully celebrated on these pages. I'm a word person, which is why I love my work with the Sydney Story Factory, and this feels like a similarly framed endeavour, from another couple of creatives.20130826-205638.jpg

My sister has two beautiful young girls that she is always building and colouring and painting with. She also teaches primary school and is always on the look-out for new and inspiring ideas for art classes with her students, so I thought this would be a nice fit. And isn't it brilliant to be able to send 'just because' presents to the people you love?20130826-205655.jpg20130826-205722.jpg