DRESSThis last Sunday was so many things. So many things it has taken me days to get around to this post.

The day had moments of hard and hurt, but mostly, thankfully, it was good. Good by way of an afternoon picnic with my dearest Addy in the Botanic Gardens. We shared a pot of fishy dip and some blue corn chips, two bottles of blood orange fizzy drink, some apples and a few gluten-free ANZAC biscuits, all in the sun, on the grass, with a view of the harbour which nothing less than glistened. Alive in the sun it was, sail boats and ferries and seagulls a mess. It was a much needed laugh and some good talk between old friends.

We spent the afternoon at the Opera House, for one of their Ideas at the House sessions with the lovely Tavi Gevinson (who, as you know, I'm mad for). She is easily the least-precocious and most-intelligent 17 year old I've come across (after my cousin Lucy). It was a wonderful talk and inspiring to see so many young people, middle people, and older people - mostly women, of course - there to hear her ideas on feminism and the media and writing. I found it heartening.

And then I came home and found a dress I've liked for quite a while on sale, so I went ahead and bought it. Lord knows it will look nothing like this on my body, but I have hopes it will work and work well. I just thought the blue was so deep and lovely, and the frill was the icing on the cake.

UPDATE: If, instead of being distracted by my emotional spending, you'd like to read a brilliant round-up of the actual talk from my friend and uber-babe, head over to the always amazing Thank You Magazine...