PRINTA bit of a girly round-up, this one. I love singing out with a whole range of amazingly talented ladies as I go about my day. The singing is sometimes what gets me through. These few have been happening a lot this week...

* I saw the spectacular Laura Marling live last month for Heavenly Sounds. She fills a church like no other - such a voice and such  presence for someone so young and seemingly quiet. Her talent amazes me, and I've loved hearing her style develop over the years. All My Rage is from the album before last and one of her best.

* This cover has been bookmarked for a while, and I found it again a few days ago. Lissie, one of the most bruised and husky voiced babes around covering one of my most favourite Bob Dylan songs, Ramona. That's some easy listening, right there.

* And another cover, just because I can. Three amazing sisters by way of California, Haim, cover Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough. So 90s and so good. I had Tuesday Night Music Club on cassette when I was 12 or so, and have loved it since. This version is brilliant, all synthed up heartbreak with lovely sisterly harmonies. It's making me want to wear Doc Martens and get emotional in a really big way.

{Bold pattern by Kitty Genius}