Today was a slow morning and a long afternoon. Slow after one too many wines last night, and made much better by a pot of tea with my aunties and my grandmother, who just yesterday came home to Sydney after a week in Adelaide with my folks. We sat on the back deck of their house, covered in vines and parts of the weekend paper, and talked about all the usual stuff. I am at home in Sydney, always have been, because of their love and continual support. And the pots of tea.

My little cousin Rosie was itching to get out of the house and didn't seem to mind accompanying me to that Swedish furniture store everyone seems to flock to on weekends. She giggled as we overtook slow oldies and skipped through displays to make it straight to the framing section, for I had only one thing on my mind and was not to be distracted. I found this watercolour from the amazing Laura Wills, my dear friend, in a pile of 'important papers' I'd quite forgotten about and was desperate to frame it and put it out to the world, or in my kitchen at least. I'm so very pleased with it, her work is always that perfect balance of space and colour and detail.