AMWell, I'm nothing if not eclectic. Besides my usual, below are a few of the things I've been singing out to this last week or so...

* This name and this music is very new to me, but after a sweet link from Lily of the always lovely bigBANGstudio, I am now a devoted follower of Ali Farka Toure - I listened to all 40 minutes of this Savane five times over today at work. It's gut-wrenching Blues, by way of Mali, Africa, with all kinds of French talk and attitude and some spectacular guitar work. As my friend said, it makes you want to pour a mint julep and sit out on the deck in the sun. If that kind of thing is at all in the realms of possibility for you right now, I suggest you get to it. And if not, you'll still love this here bit of music with your whole body.

* I got the link to this Fiona Apple song this morning from one of my most beloved friends, with a simple, 'good morning xx'. It'll wake you up better than a strong latte, I promise. What a babe.

* And lastly, this gem by Roxanne Shante. I heard it on the radio last week and am told it's near impossible to come by which is a crying  shame. Suggested by none other than Paul Kelly on Mornings with Zan, apparently he has the song on cassette and sometimes digs it out and drives around town listening to it. I loved every minute of it, so bookmarked it quick smart. It reminds me of washing the dishes with my dad when I was 11 or so, I remember listening to Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance with him once and thinking he was mad for knowing all the words and making me dance in the kitchen when it was just a regular Tuesday night or something. He's brilliant, my dad.

{Image by the talented Ana Montiel}