20130722-215033.jpgUsing filters on my phone again to lift a little detail in my Sunday picture because I haven't quite got around to buying the fancy camera I have my eye on. Do any of you have fancy cameras? Does this number seem like something I could get some use out of? I haven't done any real photography since my early 20s - I relied on a lovely old SLR I bought second-hand in high school and documented some fine parts of Europe with, on film no less. But now I want something a bit decent, something more than instant with a lens and a few options, but not so many bells and whistles I'm overwhelmed.

This picture is the back of an old church in Annandale. I loved the texture and falling-apart beauty from years of neglect and part-builds. The restoration process must be a special one, albeit damn hard work. This is set to be a residence, I think - what a notion. I came a ross it in a lane way, on the way home from a beautiful early morning walk through Glebe and Blackwattle Bay with an old friend. All along the water, a good bit of sun and a strong latte to follow.