taviroom1I was going to call this post 'girl crush', because, well, she's a girl and I crush on what she does. But actually, it's a whole lot more than that. I called it RESPECT because I have so damn much admiration and appreciation for Rookie - it's an amazing corner of the internet that continually puts up stories, ideas and pictures for teenage girls that are inspiring, interesting, intelligent and important. And fun, there seems to be a lot of fun. And I happen to think being a teenage girl should be way more fun that it often is.

These pictures of editor and founder Tavi Gevinson in her home are just lovely. They're by Petra Collins and are featured over at the ardorous, a platform for female artists working with female artists, all kinds of amazing creatives. For me it is as much the posters on the wall and the jumble of products and keepsakes and books as it is how beautiful she is. She seems, in these pictures, confident (as well she should be) with just that small bit of shy and awkward that being 17 is fraught with, in the best and most beautiful kind of way. She is both intelligent and thoughtful, and finding her way in this mad world with a whole lot of grace.ย TAVI 2TAVI 4