20130702-215112.jpgMy old friend Sathya and I email each other about the things we are grateful for. Sometimes we send longer messages with news, or recipes we've liked, but we got into a habit for a while there of just writing about three things we were grateful for. Three things that right that moment were making us happy, pleasing us, feeling a bit easier and kinder in our days. It's a very nice insight actually, to reflect on what it is that's getting you through, and what things your friend - all those states away - is thinking about and valuing. Today I am grateful for a lot. Most specifically:

* I am grateful that I have a warm and dry old house, and a cosy and pillow-full bed. With all this weather in Sydney, all the buckets of rain and winds that bite, I am every day grateful that I have a home to shelter me from it all. It's simple, but golly if it isn't the most amazing and important thing.

* I am grateful for the new National album. I think Matt's voice is rich as honey and the lyrics thick with description and mood. I don't mean to rattle on about the rain and cold, but it's here and you might as well listen to something that puts a bit of heart behind it.

* I am grateful / obsessed with my Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. My dearest Kell gave it to me for my birthday and I could about eat it for breakfast it is that good. I love what the Aesop folks do, everything so creamy and deliciously but-not-at-all-overpoweringly scented. Natural, Australian made, beautifully designed - quite the package really. And this scrub leaves my freckled and wintry skin soft as can be and not at all dry.

Image from my Instagram feed - my MERCI charm, my daily reminder to be thankful...