20130623-173129.jpgWell, the rain continues. Drinking tea and staying dry is about all I'm hoping for at the moment. Though after a morning of blissful, warming yoga and a rather too long shower, I did think it best to maybe get out of the house a little. Tola and I had been hoping to try Bread and Circus, a new cafe in Alexandria we'd heard good things about. And I'm so pleased we did - we ate bowls of thick, gingery soup and a salad of kale and roasted cauliflower with nuts and lemony dressing. A near-perfect lunch for a day like today. I loved how simple, fresh and healthy the food was, and how friendly the staff were.

I use a car-share system and we had another hour or so of wheels, so browsed one of our old haunts, the Mitchell Road Auction House. It's a big, drafty and packed-to-the-brim warehouse full of antiques and vintage wares. From the smooth as can be mid-centruy dining tables we so coveted to industrial wire racks, faded and worn chests, weathered folding chairs with layers of paint and patina, and dusty old drawers and bookshelves stacked high and wide. We kept dry, had a laugh, and got a few ideas for around the house.