BOWLI don't know if it's the bitterly cold weather, or how I've been feeling lately, but it seems like all I want to do when I get home from work is cook, then eat, then crawl into bed. Or actually, if we're being honest (and we should always be honest), just cook something that I can eat in bed. While watching documentaries online.

It's a can't stop / won't stop situation. With a tea towel under the bowl, in case of spills.

Last week's bowl food was a sweet and hearty roasted eggplant and almond pesto that went for days. I had it on pasta, on toast for lunch, and as a side to some seared salmon and steamed broccolini. It's a dish I come back to quite often - I love the crunch of the almond, the toasty warm roasted eggplant, the sweet sultanas and sundrieds and all kinds of fresh basil and parsley.

And because I had a craving for risotto (the bowl food of kings), and always consult the glory of the Smitten Kitchen recipe index when I have any kind of craving, I ended up with this tomato and pork dish last night. It was originally a Martha Stewart idea, which Deb thoroughly loved (for good reason), and the ingredients could not have been easier or cheaper or mostly in my cupboard. I felt inspired to add a whole teaspoon of ground fennel seeds and a clove of garlic when sautéing the onion, and am pretty certain it made the meal. I love the fresh, clean taste of fennel, and it goes so well with pork I can hardly believe Deb didn't think of it, or Martha Stewart herself.

* Like the pretty bowl? It isn't mine. Eating in bed is far less glamorous you know...