20130616-201108.jpg It's no secret I love cooking. For myself and for my friends and often just for the sake of it. I like the time it takes and the love you put in.

A little while back, about a year ago I suppose, I put together a very sweet little zine with my dear friends over at AHD Paper Co (A Happy Death as they're sometimes known). They were headed off to Melbourne for yet another Finders Keepers fair and wanted to put a little something together for passers by to keep. Some pictures from their amazing artists, and some stories and recipes from, well, me. Ramblings, we called them.

I'd tell you they sold like hot cakes - like the strawberry shortcake I described so lovingly inside - except that they were free and we gave them away to anyone who fancied. We bound them in pink and orange card, and in red, blue, green and yellow too. I was so glad that the whole rainbow of our print run went home with someone different, and hope a few recipes have been recreated in the months since. At the very least the strawberry shortcake. It really is that good.

But we got so carried away with folding and packing for the fair that we forgot to keep a few aside. I have some card left and think I'll print just a few more, for friends and family and one for my bookshelf.