BILL 1Don't mind me, I'm just crushing on some of Backyard Bill's lady friends. He's yet another photographer I love - mostly for his choice of subjects. He captures a few beautifully framed pictures of their lives, the homes they build and the things they create. I love the brilliant Kate Foley (of Opening Ceremony) and especially Caitlin Moicun, whose jewels are my own all time dream pieces, next to my dad's work of course (he's a diamond setter). And what beautiful pictures of Sophie Aschauer and Aska Matsumiya, creative dames and total babes in their own right.

BILL 4Thanks Bill, so nice to catch a glimpse of other people's worlds for a little moment...BILL 3BILL 2* Sophie Aschaeur, Caitlin Moicun, Aska Matsumiya and Kate Foley images by Backyard Bill.