20130602-182726.jpg Today has been miserable and wet. Sydney is putting on a show for these first days of winter, I tell you. I stayed inside mostly, reading, listening to Loretta Lynn and admiring the new Uniform Wares watch I was so kindly gifted last night. It was a belated birthday pressie, and really the first time in months I'd caught up properly with a few of my faves, so I felt very spoilt. We hosted a dinner party at home, with board games and wine and prawn ceviche which was all together lovely.

It was nice today, after the tidy-up, to drink tea and take it slow. The weather broke a little at about 3, and I was able to do some gardening. Re-potted a few things, including my sad looking lavender, which I hope will make it through the ordeal.

* Don't you just love my Marimekko plate? Three little calves, so doe-eyed and sweet...