brekky 3During the week I eat my breakfast at work. I leave the house early, usually by 7 AM after a glass of vegetable juice which I drink standing over the sink, worried I'm already late. Though, no matter if I am, I make time for a latte from my favourite local cafe and jump on the bus. My real breakfast happens at my desk, pouring over the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian, alongside a little New York Times and quite a bit of Pinterest - catching up on the world while I eat my muesli. It's much the same each day, a generic sugar-free muesli, some chia seeds, a bit of LSA mix, a dollop of Greek yoghurt and whatever fruit I happen to have on hand (usually blueberries, strawberries or a banana). One of my favourite blogs, however, is Simply Breakfast - a lovely bit of writing and pictures about that one special, all-important meal. I love the stunning photography, but I especially the idea of pausing for a moment, before the day gets away with you, and appreciating the beauty in the detail. Simple pleasures like a pot of coffee, or a perfectly ripe bit of fruit in season or some toast with just the right amount of crumble and lots of runny honey.

brekky 1

brekky 2* All images from Simply Breakfast, by Jennifer Causey