LUKE'SHaving had a long and busy weekend, I'm glad I managed to watch the sunset this past Sunday. I'd already taken the Friday off to celebrate the marriage of some very dear friends at their old homestead in Mudgee, five hours out of Sydney. Two nights in the wide, dry countryside and road tripping giggles with a friend were lovely enough, but I felt blessed to celebrate Oliver and Marni. Their vows were sweet and heartfelt, and afterwards we all shared in a spectacular sit-down lunch of local fare. Among the seven or so cakes on the dessert table was my gift, a simple orange cake with passion fruit icing that I was very happy with. And in case things couldn't get any better, we all watched the sunset over the back paddock and oohed and ahed as the moon rose just moments later. We warmed ourselves by an almighty bonfire and drank red wine and hot tea into the night. It was one of the most special days I've known.

By Sunday, with the long drive back to Sydney and an afternoon at Clovelly beach - probably the last of the season - I was exhausted. I spent the last hour of the day watching the light change over the city from my friend Luke's studio. Luke Crouch is a painter and charmer and before he packed up his studio for travels in Europe and Japan, he invited us for beer and a tour of the space. His studio is in an old warehouse in the industrial part of St Peters. From the third floor we watched planes taking off over pink skies and sat by the old loading doors, open wide onto the night as it faded gold to dusky black.