SUNDAYI spent this last weekend in Adelaide. At home. In between family and friends and a whole four days of spoiling. I drank Shaw and Smith with my mama, wandered the halls of the Adelaide Art Gallery with one of my oldest friends, lay out on the grass in the late afternoon sun with my two nieces, laughed and ate pizza with my sister and sister-girls, made eggs for brekky with my old dad, and got cuddles from three beautiful babies - little Coco, almost six months and a doll, and twinsies Henry and Rupert, the handsome boys that make me marvel at their mother's grace and fortitude.

My Sunday evening flight back to Sydney was quiet and partly empty. It made for some nice down time after all my socialising and I loved having a moment, before the busy of my week ahead, to just sit and write. For an hour and fifty minutes in grainy light over the south eastern skies I wrote lists, thought out ideas, dreamed small dreams, got distracted by favourite songs and made up stories.