TABLE BAll I can think about at the moment is a table. Obviously I think about other things - what to make for dinner, whether I have enough change for a latte in the morning, is my library book overdue, should I cut my hair off, I can't believe I haven't been to yoga in a week - but mostly I'm thinking about a table. A dining table, to be exact.

TABLE EI am a person who loves cooking, and especially loves cooking for others. I am a person who likes to lay the table with placemats and small pots of sea salt, with flowers and wide salad bowls and on the weekend I like to spread the newspaper out and read it two days running, with my large French press and vintage sugar jar. For all this I need a table, and I'd like it to be a proper one.

I'm at an age, at a stage, where I want to nest and spend large sums of money on things. I want to invest in nice stuff, not settle for my in-between stuff, the stuff I inherited from past housemates or late-night hard rubbish finds. Less unstained pine and mdf, more hardwood and fittings, please.

TABLE CSeeing as I'm saving, however, hoping to move to the States and settle there for a bit, a new dining table seems far fetched. Plain ridiculous, actually. So instead of buying one, of putting money aside for the breakfasts and dinners of my life, I'll just be here, pining over these Pinterest finds instead. Don't mind me, eh?

PS For the record, this Freedom one is a damn good find at $700.TABLE A