20130414-142340.jpgEaster weekend in Sydney was a glorious one - warm, bright, long. We decided not to go away, in the end, and deal with car hire and city traffic and then country traffic, and just stay home and languish in four whole days of good. Good, with a side of chocolate of course.

When we were children, my mother always got us a book for Easter. It was a nice way of easing off the chocolate a little, not to mention keeping us entertained over the four day weekend. She's a smart dame that mother of mine. A few years ago, I told her that absolutely under no circumstances was she allowed to buy me chocolate eggs or bunnies. I was a grown-up and trying to keep my weight down. So she just went ahead and bought me a chocolate frog instead, a chocolate frog the size of my head from the beloved and super-delicious Adelaide chocolate house Haigh's. And she's been doing so every year since.

She really is the best.