20130310-214241.jpg Today was all about saltwater, picnics in the shade and a few dear friends.

It being gloriously sunny, and my friend having a lend of someone's big old van for the month, we decided to all of us pile in and head north, quite north, for a day at the beach. Palm Beach is an hour or so out of Sydney and has a lovely little bit of green above the sand, just right for eating bread and cheese under the old pine trees. We had sides of pear and beetroot salad and roasted cauliflower and feta salad (a favourite Smitten Kitchen recipe). My friend made a cherry and almond tart and a minty fruit salad that kept us busy all afternoon. I packed the wonderful vintage tablecloth I found at a dusty store in New Orleans last year and watched the ants crawl across, hunting for crumbs while I read. I read Frankie magazine, Smith journal, The Monthly and together we managed most of the crossword in yesterday's paper.

The water was fresh and hard work - not as calm as I usually like, but a nice reminder of how good being scared can be.