BF2My love for Brian Ferry is no secret. I've mentioned him here before, and I'm always checking in with the Blue Hour for his pictures. I love the way he sees the world, how he frames it and captures it with his camera and just the right light and detail.BF1I was very pleased to find some pictures of his own life over on Sight Unseen (another wonderful corner of the web). As you might imagine, his home is lovely. It feels lived in, but refined. There are wonderful details, but it isn't overwhelming. It feels simple and personal at the same time. I like a house where books dominate, where plants are part of the furniture and where the windows are wide and full and throw light and day across walls and floors. BF4

BF3I've always liked this print by Mike Mills for Commune. Such a sharp and fun way of capturing the past, of holding some things above others - he manages to make a statement without saying a thing. It made me think of a quote I found last year when I was studying historiography for my Masters: 'in the culture I live in, history is the name of the space where we define what matters' - Meaghan Morris (Grassberg et al).


I think our homes and belongings speak of who we are and what we value, so it's nice to catch a glimpse of one as lovely as this.