February is upon us, and, as is my habit, I'm on a cleanse. I say cleanse instead of detox or diet mostly because it makes more sense to me. January is far too busy, so for the past four years I've taken to using February as a chance to cleanse my body, inside and out. I stop eating sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol for a month. Not because they're bad - they're all glorious and good in their own right - but because I have a habit of over-indulging in them, especially over Christmas and New Years. Add to that three months road-tripping around America, eating and drinking local fare till your heart's content and this February couldn't have come sooner. Not to mention its a wonderful time to be eating light and filling up on all the good seasonal fruit and vegetables happening in Australia right now. I've been living off salads and grilled fish, brown rice and roast veggies, mangoes and blueberries and all kinds of juices, and happily at that. But I have a serious sweet tooth, so I'm ridiculously pleased to have found TWO biscuit recipes that fit the bill.

Last week I made (and readily devoured) a batch of raw vegan date and almond biscuits that both Sarah and Sara were singing the praises of. And rightly so, they had just the right kick of nuts and dried fruit to get me through my 3 PM desk-low.

And today I've struck gold again, with Shutterbean's vanilla walnut 'shortbread'. Tracey is one of my all-time faves and her timing with these delights was just a God-send.

They took all of ten minutes to make and tasted so fresh and sweet. The coconut was such a nice change after my almond-date fest of last week.

INGREDIENTS 2 cups of walnut 1cup of shredded (unsweetened) coconut 1/4 cup of raw honey 1 teaspoon of vanilla A pinch of sea salt

METHOD Blend it all in a food processor until you get a fine, moist dough. Roll into balls and, if you're not as neat as Tracey (I'm not), squish down with a fork and freeze for a half hour.

Eat several while standing by the fridge door, in spite of having promised yourself you'd save some for your housemates.20130207-234831.jpg


* thanks to the lovely Delaney for my sweet little porcelain porcupine (I think it's a porcupine) cup measures xx