I found it hard to select just one picture today. It's been such a lovely day - I was tempted to post a few, tempted to change the rules on myself after the very first week. But, in spite of some crumbly toast smothered in goat's cheese and some very special blackberry jam a friend gifted me (delicious, but a bit dark as photographs go), and a WONDERFUL bit of wine with some favourite friends at my favourite Sydney bar on a rainy afternoon (a little blurry after the second glass) I have settled on this.

The perfect cup of lemongrass and ginger tea made by the amazing Addy - the kind of friend who doesn't mind you napping on her couch in your knickers because you were hot and tired after the walk to her house. The kind of friend who makes a pot of carrot and miso soup while you're at it.


I just noticed today that another long time blog-crush, the magnificent Hula Seventy whose words and images break my heart with their poignancy and beauty, is up to a similar Sunday game. It will be wonderful to follow along and see how her days look...