Sunday is one of my best days, one of the days I love and long for. Things feel slower for me on Sundays, and full of promise. I thought since it was a new year and we all seem to be about projects and resolutions, I'd start a little something myself. So I bring you my year in pictures, my year in Sundays - inspired mostly by my all time favourite and most beloved blog, the 3191 collaboration. Stephanie and MAV and their work is the first thing that I ever came across online and was enamoured by, the first thing that made me think of this odd virtual place as something wonderful and full of life and connection.

Their year of mornings project began back in 2007 and lead beautifully to their year of evenings project - a picture a day from each of them, 3191 miles apart. I followed their posts religiously and bought the book they put out the following year. And I now cherish the months where I receive their quarterly publications, full of recipes, craft ideas, thoughts and moments in their lives. Small, quiet moments of perfect light through the window or a pile of crumbs on the table to remind you that beauty is in the detail. Life is in the living.

Today's Sunday is from Cornersmith, a favourite Sydney cafe where I had a soy latte and a few moments of still with yesterday's paper before I got on with my day.