FLORALI think one of the reasons I loved LA so much was Silverlake. I'm biased, as Jordy has a house there and knows the parts worth knowing, but it somehow feels different than the rest of LA. It feels a bit more like a community, a bit more like a small town and a lot more like somewhere I'd like to live. It's all cracked pavement and climbing vines and bright flowers, hidden stairways and hilly streets. And of course, there is the reservoir. We went by just before dusk, watching the light change and the long shadows from the hills fall slowly as families and runners and people with dogs circled the silverly water.


HOME I loved all the Mexican markets and the army supply thrift store, and was happy to line up with all the locals to get my fix of Intelligentsia. I bought birthday presents for old friends at Mohawk General Store and Reform School, and a little something for myself from the always amazing Clare Vivier (a little something I'd had my eye on for a long while, actually).


That LA is always blue skies, even in the depths of December, makes it all the nicer.