DAMPI suspected this might happen. In our quest to take in as much of the South as we could, we tired ourselves out and ended up missing a little of the charm. Also, it rained. I'm referring of course to Chattanooga, an old railway town we passed through in Tennessee back in November.

Above is a glimpse of the twenty or so minutes we spent there, and I think you can imagine how well I liked it (though I did manage to get a lovely and warming bowl of Greek lemon and chicken soup with rice). But here I find (through the glory of Pinterest) a very lovely and talented lady over in Chattanooga making wonderful food and singing the praises of this here little town. It was bound to happen I suppose, and we did only have lunch there, but I'd love to have caught a glimpse of a little more.

At any rate, I'm pleased I can head over to Local Milk for recipes, pictures and some lovely Tennessee stories anytime.