Well, my obsession with Pinterest continues. I have twenty boards and over 1500 pins, and counting. It seems kind of ridiculous. I can appreciate that many find it dull, meaningless and a sheer waste of time, but I just love it. It's a wonderful way of pinning recipes I'm keen to try, brilliant craft ideas, inspiring quotes and phrases and, well, a lot of clothes. It's in no way a reflection of my actual life (which, I assure you, is far less polished and pretty), but a nice way of bookmarking images that please me. It's rather like an online mood board, which links me right on over to all kinds of nice corners of the internet. I like pouring through the range of aesthetics and interests of a whole community of different folk.

Below is a big old jumble of some of my recent Pinterest loves and inspirations (links to originals via my Pinterest page)... ROCKYKATHERINEPOMEGRANATEQUILT JEWELSBALLET WREATHWINTER HAT

* that rosy bottle of fizz is a pomegranate champagne punch, if you can believe it - what a dream!