SNOW TRAINI’m writing this from the train, somewhere between Illinois and Iowa. Jordy is in the dining cart with his friend Evan and his uncle. They’re playing cards and drinking beer. I’ve been sleeping on and off and I just woke up to snow. Snow as far as I can see outside the window, a blizzard actually, that the driver expects to delay the train considerably. I don’t mind at all though, not a bit. I couldn’t imagine a nicer way to drift through this storm. I’m seeing the mid-west for the first time – it’s a whole other America, all wide streets and quiet towns, neat houses and wheat silos, covered in white as they are. I’ve never known this kind of snow, deep and thick and lasting for days. I’ve only known Adelaide or London snow which falls once every five years and promptly melts, save a few muddy patches here and there. This snow is everywhere, blowing in the wind and resting on trees and cars and houses and schools. I can’t imagine living here, like this, between these white spaces. The ride is only 5 hours or so, and we bought Italian sandwiches from Jordy’s family’s favorite place in Chicago. We had fresh mozzarella and prosciutto and San Pellegrino orange sodas and watched the city drift by, disappearing into white.

I’ll probably fall asleep again soon enough, but for now, the carriage quietly rocking and the sound of the occasional train horn is beautiful. And all this white.