WRAPFULI had an afternoon to myself in California, an afternoon spent listening to Joanna Newsom and wrapping gifts to send home to family and friends. It was amazing. I like giftwrapping like normal people like beer. I like ribbon and string and bows, crisp paper with, in this case, white polka dots on a buttery mustard yellow. I tied it with a gold silk bow and wrote bold inked cards to my nieces Hattie and Daisy and my family at home in Adelaide. Standing in line and sending them from UPS was slightly less-romantic and almost as expensive as the gifts themselves. But I’m told they’ve arrived safe and are nestled under the tree at my folks’ house, waiting for Christmas morning. If I can’t be there, I love that my thoughts and best wishes and oh so neatly wrapped treasures can.

* I'd love to tell you that the stunning and sparkly image above is mine, but alas I was so busy posting everything off that I forgot to take a picture (and anyway, mine didn't quite look as wonderful) - this lovely work is by the good people over at the grey collective.