PALM SPRINGSI read once that Palm Springs is where people go to retire - old people who like golf and a thing called Shuffleboard (which I assume is some kind of card game). Well if Palm Springs is what retiring is like, I’m ready. Sign me up. Long, slow, sunny days spent by the pool drinking almond and sticky date milkshakes and reading the paper is my kind of life. Please and thank you. We stayed at the ACE Hotel for just a night, but it felt restful. After a long, tedious flight from New Orleans to LA, the drive down to Palm Springs felt like we were running away from it all. It was just what we needed after walking and dancing our way around Louisiana, a little quiet and some cold beers in the desert. And I do love the ACE.

Having stayed at their New York hotel a few years ago I was already enamored by their sense of fun and attention to detail. Staying at the ACE is like staying at the home of the coolest person you know, with all the glory of a well-stocked hotel and a lovely team of staff. And being in the dessert, waking up to palm trees and a full sun, and feeling the already warm cement under my bare feet as we took a walk in the early morning felt amazing. It warmed us inside and out.